Appraisal by Liz Salmon

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World-renowned judge and equine consultant Liz Salmon evaluated our 2005 True Colours filly, Cedars Amirat Al Alwan. 

2005 Chestnut Mare
By True Colours x CDRS Farah Moniet
EARS. Average size, well set
EYES. Large, well set with good width
MUZZLE. Small with large nostrils
HEAD. Extremely typey, excellent dish and large cheeks
NECK. Long and well set
SHOULDER. Very good angulation
TOPLINE. Excellent at the moment, short back and deep heart girth
CROUP. Level at the moment
HIP. Good length
FRONT LEGS. Long well muscled forearms, short cannons, very slightly tied in below the knees
HINDLEGS. Long well muscled gaskins, hocks correctly angled
PASTERNS. Correctly angled
TAIL. Well set and carried
FEET. Good
MOVEMENT. Excellent free movement and presence
OVERALL. In my opinion this is a top quality, correctly conformed and very typey show filly, who should be able to win anywhere in the world. She has a lovely disposition.

October 31, 2006