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     We are so excited to be able to say we bred this outstanding black colt, born May 19, 2003.  At long last, the colt that every breeder hopes to produce!  His movement is magical, his demeanor is mystical, his pedigree is sought after, and he is absolutely gorgeous!

Plus, he is BLACK!  

He closely resembles his exotic, world-renowned sire Al Baraki and adds the grace of his beautiful dam, Shalom Sabbath.  Perfect conformation, long legs, high tail carriage, tipped ears, and fluid, graceful, exciting movement combine to produce this extraordinary colt.  

Barake has been sold to Mexico.  Congratulations to his new owner!

FLASH!! Cedars Barake won first, then Junior Champion Colt  with Gary McDonald in Tucson.  


Cedars Barake at 10 months.


Cedars Barake at 17 months.

 Al Baraki (Thee Desperado X Alijamila) and son Cedars Barake













Cedars Barake

AHRA # 605348 5/19/03
Black straight Egyptian Arabian colt

Saklawi Jedran

Al Baraki

Black stallion

Thee Desperado The Minstril Ruminaja Ali Shaikh Al Badi X
Bint Magidaa
*Bahila Ibn Galal 1 X Bakria
AK Amiri Asmarr TheEgyptiqnPrince *Morafic X
*Bt. Bt. Mona
Asmarr *Zaghloul X Nagliah
Alijamila Ruminaja Ali Shaikh Al Badi *Morafic X
Bt. Maisa El Saghira
Bint Magidaa *Khofo X *Magidaa
Ansata Justina *Jamilll Madkour 1 X Hanan
Ansata Judea Ansata Abu Sudan X Ansata Jamila
Shalom Sabbath

Bay mare

Ibn Amoura Ibn Abla Sid Abouhom El Dere X Layla
Abla Nazeer X Helwa
Amoura 1 Nasralla Balance X Sehr
Bint Mabrouka Ezzat X Mabrouka
Shalom Jamilia Norus Gharib Anter X Souhair
Noha Hadban Enzahi X Nadja
Bint Bint Jamil Mohafez *Ibn Moniet El Nefous X Ahroufa
Sehnab Jamilll X Sabah