Cedars Jazzy Gemma

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  • Top Five, Halter Mares 3 Years & Older AATH

  • Top Ten Extended Specialty Futurity, Straight Egyptian Mares 3 Years & Older

  • Third in Liberty at the 2006 Egyptian Event!

A Jazz Age filly straight out of Fitzgerald!  Sweet, incredibly beautiful, haughty  chestnut filly by international champion Gatsby cc ex CDRS Farah Moniet.   Gorgeous, charismatic Gemma is an intelligent, top-quality, athletic, halter, and sport horse prospect

Photo at 10 months by Javan

Congratulations to owner Athala King, Athala Arabians!

.  Gemma has extraordinary, large eyes and very dished face.  Her conformation is excellent, with great long legs, high tail carriage, tons of charisma.  She'll kiss your cheek and then dance away, enticing you to follow. Wait until you see her move!  She'll steal your heart!



Cedars Jazzy Gemma
(Gatsby cc X CDRS Farah Moniet)
2004 straight Egyptian mare










Photos by Javan

Cedars Jazzy Gemma
chestnut filly

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